Building on Hollow Bone's five practice mirrors of Sacred Stewardship, Emotional Response, Genuine Insight, Conscious Embodiment, and Psychological Well-Being we add Fulfilling Livelihood, Artistic Expression, and Selfless Service.

Sacred Stewardship speaks to our inherent relationship with the Earth and our reverence toward it.

Emotional Response is our ability to express ourselves in a healthy way, conveying our deep caring, clarity, intelligence, and wisdom.

Genuine Insight is developing the knowledge that as much as we are different, we all share this awareness. Right view is the cornerstone of Buddhist practice.

Conscious Embodiment is expressing this insight using the body. Whatever our ability, we can choose to express this depth of awareness through movement.

Psychological Well-Being is developing a better story, a better philosophy about the world we inhabit. The correct understanding that we are always empowered, we are always telling a story, and that taking the high road is sometimes challenging and always worth it.

Fulfilling Livelihood is the practice of moving toward a life of loving what we do, and doing what we love.

Artistic Expression is the realization that we are inherently creative and sharing that creativity leads to a happy, whole being.

Selfless Service is based on the understanding that the more we give, the more we receive.


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